Source code for cle.errors

__all__ = (

[docs] class CLEError(Exception): """ Base class for errors raised by CLE. """ pass
[docs] class CLEUnknownFormatError(CLEError): """ Error raised when CLE encounters an unknown executable file format. """ pass
[docs] class CLEFileNotFoundError(CLEError): """ Error raised when a file does not exist. """ pass
[docs] class CLEInvalidBinaryError(CLEError): """ Error raised when an executable file is invalid or corrupted. """ pass
[docs] class CLEOperationError(CLEError): """ Error raised when a problem is encountered in the process of loading an executable. """ pass
[docs] class CLECompatibilityError(CLEError): """ Error raised when loading an executable that is not currently supported by CLE. """ pass
[docs] class CLEMemoryError(CLEError): """ Error raised when performing memory operations on unmapped addresses """ pass
class CLEInvalidFileFormatError(CLEError): """ Error raised when loading a file with an invalid format. """ class CLEInvalidEncryptionError(CLEError): """ Error raised when loading an encrypted file (e.g., CART) with an incorrect encryption key. """ def __init__(self, backend=None, enckey_argname=None): self.backend = backend self.enckey_argname = enckey_argname