Source code for cle.backends.externs.simdata.simdata

from collections import defaultdict

from cle.backends.relocation import Relocation
from cle.backends.symbol import Symbol, SymbolType

[docs] class SimData(Symbol): """ A SimData class is used to provide data when there is an unresolved data import symbol. To use it, subclass this class and implement the below attributes and methods. :cvar name: The name of the symbol to provide :cvar libname: The name of the library from which the symbol originally comes (currently unused). :cvar type: The type of the symbol, usually ``SymbolType.TYPE_OBJECT``. Use the below `register` method to register SimData subclasses with CLE. NOTE: SimData.type hides the Symbol.type instance property """ name: str = NotImplemented type: SymbolType = NotImplemented libname: str = NotImplemented
[docs] @classmethod def static_size(cls, owner) -> int: """ Implement me: return the size of the symbol in bytes before it gets constructed :param owner: The ExternObject owning the symbol-to-be. Useful to get at ``owner.arch``. """ return NotImplemented
[docs] def value(self) -> bytes: """ Implement me: the initial value of the bytes in memory for the symbol. Should return a bytestring of the same length as static_size returned. (owner is ``self.owner`` now) """ return NotImplemented
[docs] def relocations(self) -> list[Relocation]: """ Maybe implement me: If you like, return a list of relocation objects to apply. To create new import symbols, use ``self.owner.make_extern_import``. """ return []
registered_data = defaultdict(list)
[docs] def register(simdata_cls: type[SimData]): """ Register the given SimData class with CLE so it may be used during loading """ if is None: return registered_data[].append(simdata_cls)
[docs] def lookup(name: str, libname) -> type[SimData] | None: weak_option = None for simdata_cls in registered_data[name]: if type(libname) is type(simdata_cls.libname) is str and simdata_cls.libname.startswith(libname): # noqa: E721 return simdata_cls elif simdata_cls is None or libname is None: weak_option = simdata_cls return weak_option