Source code for cle.backends.elf.symbol

from elftools.elf.enums import ENUM_ST_INFO_TYPE

from cle.address_translator import AT
from cle.backends.symbol import Symbol, SymbolType

from .symbol_type import ELFSymbolType

def maybedecode(string):
    return string if isinstance(string, str) else string.decode()

[docs] class ELFSymbol(Symbol): """ Represents a symbol for the ELF format. :ivar str binding: The binding of this symbol as an ELF enum string :ivar section: The section associated with this symbol, or None :ivar _subtype: The ELFSymbolType of this symbol """
[docs] def __init__(self, owner, symb): subtype_num = ENUM_ST_INFO_TYPE.get(symb.entry.st_info.type, symb.entry.st_info.type) arch_list = [, None] if "UNIX" in owner.os: arch_list.insert(1, "gnu") for arch in arch_list: try: self._subtype = ELFSymbolType((subtype_num, arch)) except ValueError: pass else: self._type = self._subtype.to_base_type() break else: self._subtype = None self._type = SymbolType.TYPE_OTHER sec_ndx, value = symb.entry.st_shndx, symb.entry.st_value # A relocatable object's symbol's value is relative to its section's addr. if owner.is_relocatable and isinstance(sec_ndx, int): value += owner.sections[sec_ndx].remap_offset super().__init__( owner, maybedecode(, AT.from_lva(value, owner).to_rva(), symb.entry.st_size, self.type ) self.version = None self.binding = symb.entry.st_info.bind self.is_hidden = symb.entry["st_other"]["visibility"] == "STV_HIDDEN" self.section = sec_ndx if not isinstance(sec_ndx, str) else None self.is_static = self._type == SymbolType.TYPE_SECTION or sec_ndx == "SHN_ABS" self.is_common = sec_ndx == "SHN_COMMON" self.is_weak = self.binding == "STB_WEAK" self.is_local = self.binding == "STB_LOCAL" self.is_import = sec_ndx == "SHN_UNDEF" and self.binding in ("STB_GLOBAL", "STB_WEAK") self.is_export = (self.section is not None or self.is_common) and self.binding in ("STB_GLOBAL", "STB_WEAK")
@property def subtype(self) -> ELFSymbolType: return self._subtype