Source code for cle.backends.cgc.backedcgc

from cle.backends.backend import register_backend
from cle.backends.region import Segment

from .cgc import CGC

[docs] class FakeSegment(Segment):
[docs] def __init__(self, start, size): super().__init__(0, start, 0, size) self.is_readable = True self.is_writable = True self.is_executable = False
[docs] class BackedCGC(CGC): """ This is a backend for CGC executables that allows user provide a memory backer and a register backer as the initial state of the running binary. """ is_default = True # Tell CLE to automatically consider using the BackedCGC backend
[docs] def __init__( self, *args, memory_backer=None, register_backer=None, writes_backer=None, permissions_map=None, current_allocation_base=None, **kwargs, ): """ :param path: File path to CGC executable. :param memory_backer: A dict of memory content, with beginning address of each segment as key and actual memory content as data. :param register_backer: A dict of all register contents. EIP will be used as the entry point of this executable. :param permissions_map: A dict of memory region to permission flags :param current_allocation_base: An integer representing the current address of the top of the CGC heap. """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.memory_backer = memory_backer self.register_backer = register_backer self.writes_backer = writes_backer self.permissions_map = permissions_map self.current_allocation_base = current_allocation_base for seg in self.segments: if seg.is_executable: exec_seg_addr = seg.vaddr break else: raise ValueError("Couldn't find executable segment?") for start, _ in self.memory._backers: if start != exec_seg_addr: self.memory.remove_backer(start) for start, data in sorted(self.memory_backer.items()): existing_seg = self.find_segment_containing(start) if existing_seg is None: # this is the text or data segment new_seg = FakeSegment(start, len(data)) self.segments.append(new_seg) if start == exec_seg_addr: continue if start in self.memory: raise ValueError("IF THIS GETS THROWN I'M GONNA JUMP OUT THE WINDOW") self.memory.add_backer(start, data) if self.register_backer is not None and "eip" in self.register_backer: self._entry = self.register_backer["eip"]
[docs] @staticmethod def is_compatible(stream): return False # Don't use this for anything unless it's manual
@property def threads(self): return [0]
[docs] def thread_registers(self, thread=None): return self.register_backer.items()
register_backend("backedcgc", BackedCGC)